EIG Meetings



The Eastern Indiana Grotto holds quarterly meetings on the Third Saturday of January, April, July, and October each year. Meeting  places are set at the previous meeting. Our meetings are open for anyone to attend... visit us at one of our meetings and get to know who we are, and what we do.

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 ATTENDANCE...Tom and Linda Reynolds, Jim Beasley, Virginia White, Edna Litaker and Brian Leavell

 TREASURER REPORT...Current balance 1,028.51


 NEW BUSINESS...There was discussion regarding moving the EIG meeting place from Muscatatack Park to somewhere more central to the current membership. The discussion was tabled.

                              The EIG Annual Halloween Party will coincide with our next meeting. Mark your calendar for October 16th. The meeting/party will again be held at Edna Litakers home near Judah.

                             Everyone is encouraged to attend in costume but it is not required. Awards will be given for Best Costume; male, female and child. There will be a pitchin dinner. pleas BYO chair and beverage.

                             Plenty of camping space will be available for anyone wanting to make a night of it.

                             More details including time and directions will be posted soon.

 NEXT MEETING...Time:October 16, 2010 at 6pm

                           Place: Edna Litakers home. 675 Bennett Rd. Judah, In.

                           Directions and more details will be included with the Halloween Party announcement.

                           Get a jump on 2011 and renew your EIG membership at this meeting.


 Submitted by: Brian Leavell



EIG Meeting Saturday July 18th, 2009


Virginia White, James Beasley, Eric Edelman, Brenda Shulthies,  John Shulthies, John A Shulthies, Susan Wilkinson, Candice Shulthies, Edna Litaker, Brian Leavell, David Randall, Billy Cathey, Stacie Cathey, Jodi Taylor, Mark Webb


Current Balance...$1,247.00


Houghton Hole Project...Aug 24-25

Indiana Boy Scout Troop 303 Cave Safety Training trip...Sept 16

Michigan Boy Scout Troop 43 cave trip and campout...Sept 26-27

EIG Annual Halloween Party...Oct 17-18


A Tip-O-The Hardhat to new EIG members; Eric Edelman and Susan Wilkinson


Henchman Cave Cleanup...This light duty graffiti removal project was scheduled as this meeting dates cave trip. Trip leader Chris James was unable to attend due to illness so the trip is postponed to a yet to be announced date. Please stay tuned for a future date. (Ed's note: An enjoyable trip to Cave Springs Cave was substituted)

 CIG/Houghton Hole Cleanup Project (pronounced Howton)...The next project day is Aug 24-25. A motion passed to donate $50.00 to the project.


White Nose Syndrome...A motion was made and passed to donate $100.00 to the NSS WNS Research Fund.

 David Randall reports...A cave trip is scheduled for Brownsburg Boy Scout Troop 303 on Saturday, September 19th. This will include a cave safety training session geared toward the youngsters perspective. Dave initiated this training trip last year and its popularity with the attendees has prompted this second (annual ?) trip. All EIG members and any interested cavers are urged to attend and lend a hand. Meet at Muscatatuck County Park in N Vernon, near the central playground at 10am. Please call Brian Leavell after 5pm weekdays for more info.

 Brian Leavell reports [this info is added post-meeting, ed.]...Joe Carter and the Michigan Boy Scouts will be arriving for our 15th annual cave trip on Saturday, September 26th. A trip to Sullivan Cave is planned. As always Joe will provide a fine meal following the cave trip, please rsvp to Brian so Joe will know how much food to prepare. Camping is available Saturday night for all attendees. Meet at Edna Litakers home at 10am. Directions (from Bloomington): Go South on SR37. Turn West onto Old SR37 at Walnut street. Travel about 7 miles and turn west onto Bennet Road at the "Stone crest Golf Club" sign. Edna's home is the last house on the left before the road Tee's at the golf course.

 EIG Annual Halloween Party...The next EIG Meeting/Halloween party will be held at Edna Litakers home on Saturday, Oct 17th. Camping Saturday night is available for all attendees. Prizes are planned for best costumes. Watch your mail for a detailed announcement.

 MBGS Geology Cave Trip...The Michigan Basin Geological Society has again requested the EIG accompany them on a cave trip to the Bloomington/Bedford area. The agenda is still in the works but a good time is guaranteed. The date will be Saturday, October 24th and all are welcome to attend. Details will be posted asap.


Meet at Edna Litakers home near Judah, In at 6pm on October 17th. The meeting will take place in conjunction with our annual Halloween Party. More details will be posted with the Halloween Party official announcement.

 Meeting adjourned at7pm

 Editors Note: You need not be an EIG member to attend any grotto event.

 Minutes submitted by Jodi Taylor, edited by Brian Leavell



Welcome new Members Chris James , Dustin Spencer , Steve Winnd                         EIG MEETING Saturday January 19, 2008
In Attendance were Brian Leavell, Edna Litaker, Mel Litson, Elza Martin, David Short, David Randall, Jim Lewis, Dustin Spancer, Chris James, Billy Cathey, Clint Maschino, Larry Allsap, Steve Winnd, Jodi Taylor, Virgina White, Mark Webb
                            Election of Members
                             Chairman Mark Webb
                              Vice Cairman Brian Leavell
                            Secretary Jodi Taylor
                              Treasurer Linda Reynolds
                            Board Members David Short
                            David Randall Virgina White
Old Business: We will br giving a Donation of $50 to the Lost River Conservation Task Force To honor Bugs Amrstrong
The status report on Highway 50 project They will not be buliding a road though Crossley  
Treasurer Report $1341

Some members Went to a Homeland Sucurity Meeting about Meth Labs. There has ben Meth Labs Found in caves latley.
                                            Signs to look for
                              Empty packets of Sinus/ cold medications (sudefed) ect.
                              Bottles such as Mt. Dew or other bottels with tubes hanging out
                              Coleman stove or other heat sources
                              Hommade  Funnels Soda bottels cut in half
If Your find anything that looks strange leave . If there is a vehicle right down tag plate # and discription of the vehical
Call Sheriff Department or the State Police and report it. They also said it smelled so if yo go into a cave and smell something leave right away.Also can call Larry at 346-5596 or 346- 4921 home 592-6600 cell Steve 346-3934
More new business there will be a cave trip thats planed for Aug 9th (as of right now subject to change for) For a Geology Feild trip will be caving in Donahue and possibly Endless  the Sunda before they are set to leave for home in Michigan,
 4 survey Teams  Surveyed 1400 ft of American Bottoms , Billy the Kid Cave is partically surveyed. Brian Leavell and Chris James found est 400 ft of virgin cave in B2 cave
Saftey and Rescue NCRC Training Sessions Local Callout list for 2008 May 3rd -10th Lone Star Reserve in Alabama for more info contact David Randall.
Conservation: Finishing clean up on Clicks Cave?
Donation was made to the Fire Department for letting us have our meeting the hat was passed and we donated $25. We also are going to pay dues for Brain Leavell for Membership of the IKC. Bank account could change for the grotto .Linda Reynolds will let us know.
Metting came to close at 7:30 pm


{Minutes submitted by Jodi Taylor}





Mark Webb, Brian Leavell, Virginia White, Elza Marvin, Billy & Stacy Cathey, David Randall, Mel Litson



The Indiana Cave Symposium will be held at the Cave Country Canoe campground in Milltown, In on April 22nd. A cookout/pitchin dinner will begin at the campground at 4pm EST and presentations will begin at the nearby Community Center at 7pm. Camping will be available. Contact Dave Everton for more info. deverton@indiana.edu


2006 Speleofest: 5/26-5/29. Contact Cavewolf@hotmail.com or www.caves.org/grotto/louisvillegrotto/  for more info.


Cave Capers: 6/23-6/25 at Camp Riverdale, In. See www.cavecapers.com/  for more info.


Karst-O-Rama: 7/14-16 at Great Saltpeter Cave, Ky. Contact ranger.rick@yahoo.com for more info.


The Ohio Valley Region is back in business. To join the list-serve & keep in contact send a blank email with the word subscribe in the subject line to ovr@ontosystems.com



Two new caves were (re)located by B Leavell & E Marvin in Jennings Co. Surveys are pending. D Randall reported on a couple new leads including one discovered by Jarrod Lewis.



V White reported on the workday at Buckner Cave. A sandblast machine to remove graffiti was demonstrated.


V White suggested the EIG assist in a IUSC sinkhole cleanup project on property adjacent to Clicks Cave. A workday will be held on Saturday 4/22, prior to the Indiana Cave Symposium. Meet onsite at Clicks Cave at 10am. Contact Dave Everton deverton@indiana.edu for directions & info.


B Leavell also suggested we may wish to help with the OVR Ď06 project at Redmond Creek in Kentucky. More details will be available at the next EIG meeting.



May Grotto Trip; Possibly Henderson Park near Salem, In. Itís in the works, details ASAP!


June Grotto trip; Sump Cave (again, details ASAP).


An open invitation is extended to all current EIG members to enjoy a relaxing weekend at a private retreat in Pulaski County Ky. on 5/27-5/29.Please note; this is an alternative to Speleofest. Contact Mark Webb mtwebb96@hotmail.com for details & directions.



July 8th at 6pm at Muscatatuck Park in North Vernon, In. A cookout/pitchin dinner is planned. The grotto will provide burgers & dogs, please bring a side dish.